Entry #1

I am the voice.

2007-11-04 03:57:59 by muskweet0

As of yet, i am quite unsure of my true Persona.... But i will continue to spew forth celestial lyrics and battle some day amongst the distant stars.
I can be known as the AudioCatz, or Muskweet0 since thats my name on Newgrounds and always has been.

I am completely open to all kinds of collaborations. so hit me up punks.

I Support the NORML organization and the Students for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws

I am the voice.


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2007-12-02 22:36:32

So, you do audio, because I could use an audio artist for my madness submissions. Let me know if your interested. /=)

muskweet0 responds:

whoa this is really old i have not been on in a while but yah, i could definitely make something specifically for 808 i could even use original TR-808 drum sounds! if you give me a general feeling or picture or something to go on i can just let the creativity flow. if i'm to late for 808 i can help out in the future just hit me up!