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so good...

damn you sir, damn you and your incredible talent for pure hilarity. so good, so god damned good.

good the way it is.

why do people need more? think for yourself and make up your own conclusion about where he was but it was obviously like a company presentation or something. pretty cool, good animation.

i lolled

warning: incoherent sailor-babble / utter jackoffery with semi-pro comedic timing can cause laughter in conjunction with shame and disbelief but mostly shame.

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pussy teeth!

wow great work, the anime girls are a little cliche but i like the "come out of your shell" one, i like your work on giant musclebound monsters tho, and the skeletons must have taken alot of work to finally master as it seems that you have. good chit!

p.s. pussy teeth freaked me out, mostly because i always wondered but never wanted to see what teeth looked like on dos labia, lol gross


by far the most frustrating game ive ever played. 10 for idea and style, ah what the hell 10 on difficulty, just because i cant get my block out of the center of level 10 doesnt mean others can't. ill come back when im not so disgruntled.

that wasn't supposed to happen...

i believe there are some bugs u need to work out because the game lagged so intensely when i started using gun 5 that the whole game filled itself with bullets, bombs, smoke, and enemies. and all the while my gun was doing basically nothing to them. it was pretty cool until this happened...

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yah, this is amazing.

its got to take some serious skill to do this no matter what program you use. this could be in like, god of war, or prince of Persia. Entrancing. damn.
my stuff on here is pretty juvenile compared to yours. but i would really like to know what program this is so i can plan to buy it in the far and distant future.

MaestroRage responds:

Hello muskweet0! First, thanks for dropping by and leaving a review, i'm glad you liked it :D!

Secondly, I don't think your music is juvenile. Budding true, but if you keep going, you can reach where I am, and even beyond. I am a believer that hard work can compensate for talent, if you're not born with it, which I often believe i'm not X'(!

In any case, please visit this page here to see what I use.


without the spaces, thanks and good luck!


can i try to put vocals to this shit man? i was makin shit up as it was going along and i can see it all now. it would be quite chill

LJCoffee responds:

Absolutely! - I'd love to hear what you come up with.

rocked my sox off

ya that last guy is a bit naive but aside from that,
this song reminds of something quite close to Aphex Twin quality on the chill side and i think its just darn great! keep it up man, by the way out of curiosity what program do u use to sequence the drums

LJCoffee responds:

This was sequenced in AcidPro with a little support from Kompakt and Reaktor. I'm glad you liked it!

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dude, im jealous

wow i thought i had art skill but you've completely blown me out of the water. you better be doin some professional chit like this for a job or at least be making money with this skill.
it was already amazing before i blew up the picture but then, when i saw it fullscreen there was no denying it, you are an illustration champion! just the placement of the background layers that look like scratches all ovr the page is perfect, not to mention the detailed yet solid lines and the coloring is choice. big BIIIIIIIIIG ups!

jouste responds:

thanks for all those kind words, i don't get to do too much drawing where i currently am (career wise) but that just makes me try harder when i get a chance to.

i'm glad the coloring went over well with some people, like i said before to an earlier reviewer, it was a reall fast job that just got put together really quickly and it somehow turned out. i'm a solid believer of having some strong lines to work with from the start.

thanks again for the big ups! :D

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